New Cloud Service Enables Storing, Accessing, Editing Photos and Videos From All Mobile Phones
TriPlay's MyDigiPack Cloud Sharing and Storage Service Simplifies Uploading and Sharing of Mobile Media
New York, NY - January 6, 2012 - TriPlay, a multi-faceted technology company focused on providing globally-available multimedia services, today announced MyDigipack, a new cloud storage service that uniquely addresses the needs of users who want to access, edit and share photos and videos taken with or stored on their mobile phones.
"There are a lot of cloud storage and sharing products in the market, but each is limited by device, platform or operating system," said Tamir Koch, CEO for TriPlay. "MyDigipack is the only photo and video sharing and storage solution that works on all mobile phones, and its greatest advantage is the simplicity: everything is done completely automatically."
Sharing photos and videos from a mobile phone is often challenging, if not impossible. By way of example, if you use Facebook's app to post photos, you cannot easily edit them or manage albums and folders, and you can only upload photos one at a time. Other services let you upload many photos at once, but are currently available only on a handful of smartphones. Uploading and sharing videos is even more complicated.
MyDigipack addresses all of these issues. Users can easily install MyDigipack on any mobile phone. Once activated, the application runs in the background and automatically uploads to the MyDigiPack cloud any photo and video stored on the device. In addition, users are able to access their MyDigipack accounts on the Web, where they can crop photos, create folders, post photos to Facebook and videos to YouTube. Furthermore, users can make their accounts public, allowing their friends to directly view photos and videos on the site.
Availability and Pricing
MyDigipack is available immediately at Pricing: MyDigipack comes with a free basic package of 1GB of storage and one multimedia message. Premium storage and messaging packages are available starting from $0.99 a month.
Availability and Pricing
About TriPlay
TriPlay is a multi-faceted technology company focused on providing globally-available multimedia services. TriPlay's solutions empower users to access content anywhere in the world from any mobile phone, personal computer, tablet or Web-enabled television. TriPlay is a privately held company with offices in New York and Israel. More information can be found at, Facebook .
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